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BerlinExpress - basic information

We would like to offer you bus services on the route POZNAŃ - BERLIN - POZNAŃ and the neighbouring towns. We specialize in daily passenger transport to Schonefeld, Tegel airports as well as to Berlin center. We organize also individual transport (a few persons’ groups) to other airports as well Poland as abroad.

The journey is made by safe and luxurious vans and buses, fitted with air-conditioning and DVD. Our rich experience ensures you safe and most of all punctual transport to an airport. Our service is held on a daily basis in different hours adjusted to the airports timetables.

The departures are from the railway station in Poznań, from under the entrance to the West Railway Station on Głogowska Street and they are directly to Berlin.

The route lasts about 2,5 h on average.

The links are permanent regardless of passengers number. The departure hours from Poznań and from Berlin are set according to the needs of our Clients. The pickup is held in front of the exit from arrivals hall (the bus driver waits thereholding a piece of paper with the passenger’s name).



The bus service on the Poznań-Berlin or Berlin-Poznań route ammounts as following:


Schonefled Airport - 120 PLN per person

Tegel Airport - 140 PLN per person

ZOO Railway Station 140 PLN per person

*children to the age of 4 are entitled to a 30% discount



The reservation can be made by telephone or sent via email, after filling up an application form.


After getting the confirmation, you are due to transfer the total payment for the bus service in three days time on the following account number:


Bank Account Number: 

Account nr: PL 58 1140 2004 0000 3202 7635 9593

Account nr (payment in EURO): PL 16 1140 2004 0000 3612 0479 7108


BERLIN Express

ul. Kopanina 54/56 (building A second floor.)

60-105 Poznań


W tytule przelewu należy koniecznie podać termin zarezerwowanego przejazdu oraz nazwisko, na które ta rezerwacja została dokonana - reszta informacji jest zbędna.

NIP: 777-127-43-54

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